The idea for Skinz was born on the back patio of Pinehurst No. 2. A persistent hum from the crowd of onlookers, mixed with intermittent cheers and taunts for the finishing foursomes, awash in Transfusions, and under the long shadow cast by the iconic Payne Stewart.   

A few months later, we launched on Etsy (under the Shop name Inside The Leather) with conviction and excitement to bring this fresh product idea to market. The first year exceeded our most ambitious expectations for what the business could be become. Through trial and error, scrapped prototypes, and more time than anybody should spend at a post office, we refined the design and assembly, and learned what the community really wanted. 

We've now made and shipped almost 4,000 handmade covers all over the world. We're forever grateful to the early adopters and collectors who encouraged us, guided us, and kick started the brand.

We believe CSat is the single most important metric, not just for us, but any business. It's why we stand behind everything we sell and work tirelessly to deliver a fantastic customer experience.   

If you believe in ready golf, speakers on the cart, untucked shirts, that golden hour as the sun sets and the course clears, and term limits for politicians, walk with us as we redefine golf culture.